Top Brand Jordan Basketball Shoes AJ12

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Air Jordan 12 "Wings"

The world's limited edition of 12,000 pairs has already made the price of this pair of shoes go up, and the silhouette of Jordan's wingspan followed by a unique "scratch" color make this pair of shoes even more gorgeous. The color of the pure black coating on the surface makes the shoes almost the same as the gold buckle, while the black leather is scratched, and the internal golden wing pattern is also shining and moving. Ultra limit + super creative, the most luxurious color is none other than him.

Air Jordan 12 Pinnacle

Have you seen Air Jordan 12 with a gold-colored all-gold upper? The full golden uppers of the Air Jordan 12 "Pinnacle", which already has information released, must have flashed you. Dark gold upper with black plastic buckles and white outsole, although the amount and price of the sale is not yet determined, but this "local gold" color must have become another pair of Sneaker shopping list 12 .

OVO x Air Jordan 12 Shoes

Did not get this award just because there is not enough limit! The OVO x Air Jordan 12 is a more low-key but more elegant platinum color than the Pinnacle. Gold is only used as a white with embellishments, making this pair of shoes such as the white court dress embossed in Phnom Penh. The market price is around RMB 4,500. Do not miss Drake Fans and Platinum Color Matchers!

Air Jordan 12 Black Nylon

All black nylon material + pearl leather as the upper, plus black metal buckle and white big bottom, this pair of Air Jordan 12 black nylon can be said to be extremely pull the wind. Similar to the Air Jordan 11 devil's color design and waterproof nylon gimmick, although he may not be your "rain boots," but wear it on a cloudy day, but the sense of security and sense of perfection.

Air Jordan 12 "The Master"

When referring to "practical", it is natural that all-black color is not easily dirty. The air Jordan 12 "The Master"'s all-black upper and outsoles, with its subtle extravagance of grey details and gold buckles, is also the perfect condition for its perfect match. The trend of "small black shoes" slowly spread to the autumn and winter seasons. This pair of Air Jordan 12 "The Master" should also appear on the stage with the role of "big black shoes".

Air Jordan 12 “Wool”

Cold? Wool material may also be a good choice for warmth, in addition to black, the gray is also an excellent match. The warm grey wool upper looks warm. Let's use it as a Christmas gift to give you your favorite ta, warm your feet for a winter.