Nike Kyrie 3 Basketball Shoes Online Sale

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When Kyrie Irving tears the opponent's defenses, he uses several different reversal breakout moves? I bet you read this Gif map several times. As the most gorgeous point guard in the league today, it is Irving's killer to change dramatically, and it's hard to believe that when he's struggling, his feet can even be parallel to the ground. Not only that, but also the position of contact with the ground when changing direction is not just the outer side of the foot, and the inner side and the heel are also the landing area.

Kyrie Irving's turn is like a fast-paced Moto GP car. Inspired by this, Nike imitated the racing tyres and released the first pair of boots with outsole-curved design - Nike Kyrie 2. This boots helped Irving to win the championship in the 2016-17 season. When the time came for the new season, Irving put forward higher requirements. The new Nike Kyrie 3 came into being. What are the advancements in Kyrie 3? Let's take a closer look at this issue of SIZE Video Review.

Nike Kyrie 3 is inspired by Kyrie Irving's amazing agility and speed, and the overall design is simplified again. There is no extra decoration in the appearance, just like the sports car lines that try to reduce the drag coefficient, highlight Irving's visual speed. The profile of the middle-lower gang is a consistent tradition of this series and has always ensured the flexibility it deserves.

The straps were removed from the upper and the visual center of gravity was moved to the huge Nike Swoosh, as sharp as a blade. The flat round shoelaces are easy to fasten and are not easy to loosen in high-intensity sports. Fasten the laces, Nike Kyrie 3's package feels good, separate tongues eliminate the pressure of pressing the foot of the worries.


The grainy protrusions on the upper are a few of Nike Kyrie 3's embellishments, but they also reinforce the uppers and provide better support on both sides of the ankles. The flexibility of the Kyrie 3 in the evaluation is a major feature. The upper does not prevent it from taking advantage, and the right support eliminates the risk of change.
The front strap was replaced by two Flywire flying lines, and placed in a left-right asymmetrical manner, in line with the natural curvature of the foot. In the evaluation, Flywire's fly line played a similar role as the banding, but the package was more direct and easier to wear. As far as the help system is concerned, this is not a pair of very protective shoes, but it is enough for the backcourt players who are pursuing speed. Outsole surface design is the core of Nike Kyrie 3, and we have tested this part with emphasis, whether it is the touch response of the forefoot or the grip of the rear heel in the emergency stop. Kyrie 3 placed an independent grip module on the inner and outer sides of the forefoot, and it really feels more comfortable when it is changing dramatically. The heel position is still a curved surface design. The simple and rough herringbone pattern is powerful and powerful, suitable for quick emergency stop, especially for speed change. Because of the surface design, Nike Kyrie 3 will inevitably have some shaking, but when it really runs hard in the evaluation, it has played its true strength. Whether it is to change direction in advance or to dribbling behind the scenes, whether it is SHAMGGOD or SPIN MOVE, the outsole always firmly grasps the ground and responds to the action at the first time. No matter how fast you move, Kyrie 3 can keep up with your rhythm. In terms of midsole technology, Nike Kyrie 3 uses the same configuration as its predecessor. The midsole is filled with lightweight Phylon material, followed by the Zoom Air cushioning unit. The configuration of the midsole is not luxurious, after all, it is not too demanding to position the mid-end combat shoes. The forefoot at the bottom of the midsole is thin, the sense of the venue is obvious, and the response is rapid, but it is followed by a lack of cushioning. The Zoom Air at the back of the palm can be effective after running in, which has a certain effect on relieving the impact of the joint. The Nike Kyrie collection was highly acclaimed, especially the outsole surface design was refreshing. Nike Kyrie 3 gained on the basis of the previous generation, but did not deviate from the main ideas of agility and speed. In general, this boot has a clear positioning, it is suitable for those who are flexible and fast, in the game good at sports and other people and emergency stop and other technical moves, I believe that people are very concerned about Nike Kyrie 3 Shoes Clear your own needs, this shoe is their best choice.