Melo Air Jordan M13 combat evaluation

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We calmed down our thoughts and returned to today’s protagonist, Jordan Melo XIII.
      The M13 Jordan Melo M13, like previous generations, was sold quietly. There were no spoils of all kinds of spy shots, and the media’s publicity was directly on the feet of Antony during the Christmas War.
      According to reason, the signature shoes developed to 13 generations are familiar to everyone, but since the M11's three pairs seem more and more homogenized, what kind of performance will the 13th generation have? Let's start talking about it. In the two color schemes that are currently on sale, our editors have chosen a red color scheme that is closer to the Lunar New Year, and the body-red M13 looks very festive. The value of this item varies from person to person, but I think if you are not intensive phobia you should like the appearance of the M13.
      The shoe-covered diamond Kurim gives a sense of power of modern sculpture and echoes the shape of the midsole, which makes this pair of solid colored shoes not monotonous.
 The M13 has no radical design. The traditional 3/4 boots and 7 shoelace holes, as well as the previous Melo shoes, have a great tolerance. The upper uses a grid upper stitched with Kurim, and the upper of the toe and the foot use a mesh upper, which is exactly the same as the M12. The remaining 2/3 of the uppers are embedded in Kurim. Nike and Jordan Brand are also very popular with these uppers. Ultrafly and Kyrie3 have joined Kurim.
      Its greatest advantage is that it increases the strength of the upper and lowers the weight, while it can have a more three-dimensional shape. As the core of Jordan Melo M13, the combination of Flight Speed ​​and Zoom Air determines the basis of this pair of shoes.
      Like the 11th and 12th generations, the Nike Air Jordans M13 also used this midsole system and did not include cushioning technology in the heel position. After entering combat, Jordan Melo M13's first impression is - comfort.
    Jordan Melo M13's upper is based on mesh, so the upper will not have any pressure or discomfort. The weight of the 43-yard singles 370 grams is also very friendly.
      In addition, it's shoe is very large, easy to wear off and on the foot is not picky.
      However, if the thin-skinned friend recommends wearing thick sports socks, the Jordan Melo M13's inner boots are more suitable for the use of materials, and the loose shoe last means that the package is not strong. The combination of the forefoot ZOOM and Flight Speed ​​can provide a good start-up response, which has not been said to have been made after the tempering of several Jordan shoes.
      However, if you want to use ZOOM to achieve better performance, you still need a running-in time. At present, I have actually measured five balls, and I just feel a little hard on my feet. After a few games, there will be a noticeable improvement in the ZOOM feeling. Flight Speed ​​uses midsole The long stabilizer plate, which can provide good stability to the entire sole, is also very natural from the forefoot to the back of the palm, which is what we often call "foot-to-foot." There is no cushioning unit in the heel, which makes Jordan Melo M13's cushioning performance not outstanding. Although Phylon injected in the midsole can provide some cushioning, but the power type of play or a friend who is very much in pursuit of the foot feeling may be necessary. disappointed.
For some reason, Jordan Melo M13's sole pattern uses a bumpy wavy pattern, which leads directly to a reduction in the contact area, and the patterns are all laterally oriented.
      This setting makes the grip of this pair of shoes very dependent on the site conditions. If the sole is clean and the floor is well-grounded, it is OK. If it is such an outdoor venue in the map, please try to make it up