Informations of AIR JORDAN Brand 10 basketball shoes

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With Jordan's retirement, sales of the Air Jordan series began to decline. In order to save the tide, NIKE specially selected five former stars as spokespeople for the Air Jordan 10. In March 1995, the baseball league was shut down and Jordan returned to the NBA again. At first, Jordan did not like Tinker Hatfield's design of the appearance of the shoes, but it was finally released after modification. But Jordan's evaluation of shoes is not high. Shoes use a more sleek design, do not see any LOGO logo on the upper. In the end of the use of ultra-lightweight phylon material, the weight of the body can be reduced, the use of 3/4 palm AIR SOLE cushion cushioning, in the shoe outsole, the records of the brilliant record of Jordan's years of success. Air Jordan 10 and Jordan's No. 45 had a short season with Jordan. Overall, this pair of shoes is more memorable. It uses the city as a color inspiration to launch the series of cities, but also a major innovation in color matching.

On June 18th, Nike launched Air Jordan 10 City Pack, a German-style "Shanghai" version of the urban suite. It is also the only Asian city this time. It uses black as the main color, and the body line and the big bottom are The blue-and-purple gradient renders, although the rumors are inspired by "feng shui", it seems that the overall style is more like the neon decoration under the Yan'an Road viaduct in the night.

Recently, JORDAN Brand paid tribute to this classic history, and specially introduced the "I'm Back" color matching for AIR JORDAN 10, which was used when MJ returned for the first time. The simple black and white color matching design was also written on the left and right heels respectively. Jordan declared the reunification of the words "I'm Back" and 3.19.95 of the date.